Is Data Science a good career choice?

There was a prediction done by Harvard Business Review in 2012 that Data Science will become the most rising career in the 21st century. After Covid 19 pandemic, the requirement for data scientists is quite high, making Data Science a good career choice.

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Data science stands different from traditional approaches by focusing on prediction. Machine learning makes Data science more efficient in handling huge data and focuses more on identifying the patterns of the existing data to predict future data which is inferential statistics.

What is Data Science?

Data science is about learning and using the data to interpret the information and identify the hidden factors to make business decisions for products and services. Data science contains more algorithms to understand the observed raw data and the problem in a business is well defined and resolved using Data science.

is data science a good career choice
Is Data Science a good career choice?

Reasons to consider data science as a Good Career choice

High demand in the market

Data is important for any product based or service-based industry. As data is available in different formats, there is always a lack of professionals who can organise. create structure, analyse the data, and interpret in an effective and efficient way to take business decisions.

  • As per emerging jobs report by LinkedIn Data science careers witnessed fastest growth over 650 % growth since 2012.
  • Data science job openings raised more than 60 % in the United States as per the survey in 2019 by LinkedIn.
  • The impact of Covid even did not slow down the progress of Data science jobs which in turn raised the growing size of Data Scientist

Less Available Competency

People get skilled through more theoretical knowledge than practical knowledge. As Data science involves mathematics and statistics, it remains unexplored, making it new for most. Due to unavailability of courses designed to enhance the knowledge of Data Science, the core people find it difficult to move into Data science.

  • With current development, various data science certifications are emerging in the market which helps to increase the skills of people relevant to data science.
  • Currently there is a shortage of more than 2,00,000 dedicated data science professionals.

Future growth of Data science

As the demand for Data scientists is growing, the shortage of data scientists, getting good pay leads to consistent growth of Data science.

  • As per US Bureau of Labour statistics – there would be around 28% growth by 2026 which contributes more than 11 million data science jobs worldwide

What is the salary of data science professionals?

With potential growth in the data science field and wide opportunities, the salary package is most promising for a data science career.

  • The median salary is $49800 in the US workforce and more than $108000 is the salary of data science professionals.
  • The more expertise, the better the package. One should develop skills related to data science and explore the opportunities for improvement of business decisions in an organization.

Utilisation of certifications available in the market

Unlike before, the role of data science professionals is inevitable in all industries. One should search for skill and knowledge development in data science by undergoing various appropriate data science training programs.

  • Data science credentials like certification, experience, licensure, competency, experience, etc. will enhance job opportunities worldwide.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic introduced the analytical approach to be implemented in many industries.

What are the job profiles in Data Science?

Data Scientists follow statistical analysis to handle past data behaviour, analyze the existing pattern and use it for future prediction for business services to make decisions. Data Science is a multidisciplinary field that involves different professionals with expertise in various processes involved in big data, data collection, warehousing, modelling, mining, analysis, presentation, visualization, etc. A few job profiles in a Data Science career are:

Data analyst

In Data analytics, the main goal is to take out meaningful information out of existing data and present them to key stakeholders and business owners. Data analyst answers all questions required to answer from a business point of view which is a concern to the business. A distinctive Data Analyst comes from the field of science, technology, engineering, or maths degree. Though, the applicant must also have well-built skills in programming, maths, science, databases, modelling, and prognostic analytics.


Statisticians practice the science of using data to make decisions. They decide what data they need and how to collect it, design experiments, collect data, analyse, and interpret data, and report conclusions. And unlike most professions, statistics can be applied to a vast number of fields or issues, like the environment, public safety, health care and sports Etc. 

Big data engineer

A big data engineer is an information technology (IT) professional who is responsible for designing, building, testing, and maintaining complex data processing systems that work with large data sets.

Data engineer

A data engineer is an IT worker whose primary job is to prepare data for analytical or operational uses. These software engineers are typically responsible for building data pipelines to bring together information from different source systems.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists follow statistical analysis to handle the past data behaviour and analyse the existing pattern and use it for future prediction for business services to make decisions. Data Scientists play an important role in an organization in supporting top management in forecasting all strategic business decisions related to finance, resource, schedule, operations, time management, etc.

  • Data Scientist transforms practical problem into the statistical problem and identifies the statistical solution that is then implemented as a practical solution.
  • All these actions are performed with the help of proper data collection and interpretation.

Do I qualify to take a career in Data Science?

If you understand business decisions and most importantly are interested in working with data with good statistical knowledge and you can write algorithms, then you are eligible to become a data scientist. The focus and depth of study are based on your academic level i.e., diploma, undergraduate, graduation, post-graduation, PhD, or professional certification. Data science can be pursued after 12th or graduation or post-graduation with a relevant degree, diploma, or certification course.

Is Data Science a safe career?

In today’s digital landscape, data science is a notably resilient career. As businesses intensively use data for decisions and forecasting, the demand for data scientists remains robust. Their skill in turning data into insights is crucial across various sectors, including healthcare and finance. With the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, data science’s importance is undeniable, hinting at a stable and promising career path.

What are the skills required to become a Data Scientist?

The skill sets required for a career in Data Science are:

  • Statistics – Data scientists are required to make decisions based on data available or mining the required data. Statistics is all about data and its interpretation.
  • Programming Python- Programming skills are the major competencies for the data scientists; they code the required data structures and solve complex data architecture problems faced by the organisations.
  • SQL – SQLis a data mining software which makes it easy to pull out data from the ocean of data present in the database.
  • Machine learning – modern technology works on machine learning and Artificial intelligence, data scientists use these technologies for their research.
  • Data interpretation skills – The data interpretation skills is one of the most important skills required to become a data scientist.
  • Big data – Storing and managing huge amounts of data is becoming a major challenge in the modern world, big data deals with the ocean of data and its management.
  • PowerBI – PowerBI is about data representation and visualisation. After researching and finding out the solution or decision, it is important to present the data in front of key stakeholders.
  • Business communication – Business communication deals with understanding of data sharing and communication with business owners. Understanding of business decorum and organisational leadership is important.
  • Decision making – Given the data is pulled out and statistical analysis is done, it is the decision-making skill which takes understanding of business for the data scientist to arrive at a decision.


The skills associated with data science makes you unique from others. Data scientists predict the future results statistically, which gives more confidence on the results. Data science is the most promising career to resolve the business problems with more data orientation.

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Is data science a good career choice in India?

India’s IT industry has positioned the nation as a leading force in data science. The rise of data-driven ventures, both domestic and international, has led to an increased demand for data scientists. With the government’s push for digitization and the emergence of AI-focused startups, a career in data science in India promises growth, job security, and competitive pay.

Is it tough to succeed in a data science career?

Not really, if you have an interest in data science topics, and want to do a job where you have responsibilities to make decisions for the organization then data science is the best choice.

Is it tough to succeed in a data science Career?

Not really, if you have interest in data science topics, and want to do a job where you have responsibilities to take decisions for the organisation then data science is the best choice.

Does data science Certification increase your salary?

Yes, Data Science Certification will increase your salary. A survey conducted across companies showed that Data science professionals get a 40% hike in salary.

Is data science a good career choice for freshers?

In the digital age, data science stands out as a prime avenue for freshers. As businesses globally turn to data for insights, fresh talent is in demand to drive this data-centric transformation. The field combines statistical analysis with programming, presenting a multifaceted career. With both tech giants and startups valuing fresh perspectives, data science offers newcomers a dynamic and prosperous start to their professional journey.

Is the Data Science certification worth it?

Yes, Data science certification is worth it. Data science teaches you tools and techniques that will give you a huge advantage in developing your data analytics skills. It also opens many doors for your career opportunities.

Is it compulsory to have a bachelor’s degree to pursue data science?

No, Data science can be done after the 12th by certification courses or a diploma in data science.

Will Data Science help my career?

Yes, Data science will help your career as it teaches you knowledge that can be applied in any project irrespective of departments. Since Data Science is recognized globally you can apply for companies all over the globe.

Is Data Science a Good Career in 2023?

In 2023, data science remains essential in the evolving tech world. The ability to translate vast data into actionable insights is crucial across sectors like healthcare, finance, and e-commerce. With the rise of AI and machine learning, the demand for skilled data scientists continues to grow. Opting for a career in data science in 2023 promises ample job opportunities, competitive pay, and a position at the edge of technological progress.

Which is better – Data analytics or Data science?

Data science is better than data analyst as it consists of all the knowledge data analysts have. So why Soldier when you can become a General.

Is Data Science Hard?

Data science merges mathematics, programming, and domain knowledge. The challenge often lies in mastering a wide range of topics, from statistics and machine learning to data visualization. The real complexity comes from applying these tools to solve real-world issues. However, with appropriate training and persistence, the realm of data science becomes both rewarding and intellectually engaging.

Do I need to learn advanced level programming for data science?

Data science involves an intermediate level of programming skills. If you know advanced level programming that is an added advantage.

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