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5s Certification Course Description

The 5S System is an essential tool of Lean Manufacturing designed to create a streamlined and efficient work environment. Derived from the Japanese words Seiri, Seiton, Shine, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke, the 5S System consists of Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain steps. Anexas offers a comprehensive 5S System certification course that equips individuals with the knowledge to appreciate the significance of each step and successfully implement the 5S process in their workspace. 

Our training covers all five levels of Lean and Six Sigma, including White, Yellow, Green, Black, and Master Black Belt certifications. Unlock the potential of Lean Manufacturing and enhance productivity with our specialized training programs.

5s Certification Course Benefits

After completing the course, you will be able to use the skills and tools to implement the 5S system in any organization or industry. You will learn how to implement 5S elements, sort and use red tags, set in order different ideas, shine at your work, standardize your ideas, and sustain the work done. The benefits of the Anexas course are
  • Certification by Anexas Europe Certification.
  • Soft copy of 5S System certification. 
  • Lifetime access to Anexas Dashboard with study material
  • International recognition.
  • Lifetime validity of the certification.
  • Open book online test for certification.
  • 100% Pass rate guaranteed.
  • Online Line Customer support 24*7.

Course Duration



Study Material

5s Certification Training Options

Self Learning

  • Recorded Sessions of complete Lean Six Sigma Black Belt- By Amitabh Saxena.
  • Project guidance with Amitabh Saxena.
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification by Anexas Europe.
  • Lifetime access to learning videos.
  • Training material provided.
  • One FREE online session with Amitabh Saxena.

Corporate Training

  • Customized duration for the course depending on the organization.
  • Live interaction with instant query clarification with Amitabh Saxena.
  • Company Specific training with company-related examples and case studies for better understanding.
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certificate by Anexas Europe.
  • Project completion to enhance Leadership and major
  • Lean Six Sigma skills and techniques.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Project completion certificate by Anexas Europe.
  • Lifetime access to learning videos.

5s Certification Course Content

  • 5S Creates a Visual Factory
  • The 5S Cycle
  • 5S Activities Explained
  • The Benefits of 5S
  • Remove the Roadblocks in the Way

  • Workplace Observation
  • Set a Target Area Vision
  • The Power of a Shared Vision
  • What You See Before 5S
  • What You See After 5S
  • After 5S – Easy to Find, Easy to Do

  • keep only what is needed today
  • Red Tag Process 
  • Red Tag Inspection List

  • find it fast; faster
  • Put Order and Sense into the Workplace
  • Set-in-Place to Make Life Easy
  • Visual Control of Tool Storage
  • Visual Management of Inventory and Stock Straighten the Workflow
  • Straighten Check Sheet

  • see problems when they are small
  • 5S Examples – Shine
  • Shine Check Sheet
  • Plan Who, What, How to Clean

  • The same rules for all
  • Set Standards for condition and use of Tools and Equipment
  • Being Visual – know exactly what is happening
  • Use Visual Management to Show Status
  • What Visual Management Would Help Here?

  • This is how we do it here
  • Weekly and Monthly Feedback on 
  • Performance
  • Workplace Measurement Checklist – tracking
  • Your performance weekly
  • Tracking Your Performance Monthly

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5s Certification FAQ

Anexas 5S System certification course trains individuals to implement the 5S process, resulting in an improved and organized work environment. It enhances performance, eliminates waste, and establishes effective communication for progress tracking.

Anexas 5S certification course is free of cost.

Yes! You can explore our Lean Six Sigma certification courses and find the level that suits you best. If you are a beginner or specifically interested in 5S, this course is perfect for you.

Anexas 5S System certification course is available to you completely free of cost. For those seeking higher-level courses, Anexas offers paid options.

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