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AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Course Overview

AWS cloud practitioner certification helps people in cloud practice with training in valuable skills.
The Training offered by us is an online instructor-led training created by industry experts. In this course, you will achieve a deep knowledge of AWS cloud principles, setting you on the path to professional certification. Dive into core topics like AWS troubleshooting, architecture and design, networking, security management, management console, marketplace, and various other AWS services.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Course Key Highlights

20 Hrs higher interaction industry experts-led training

Globally industry recognised Certificate

Flexible Schedule

Mentor Support

Industry-based Projects with 15+ practice labs on AWS console

Job Assistance

Lifetime Free Upgrade

55 hours Data science of training.

Course Duration

20 Hrs


Study Material

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Course Skills Covered

Cloud Computing Basics

Security Fundamental

AWS Services Overview

Basic Troubleshooting

AWS Global Infrastructure

Serverless Computing

Networking and Security

Data Storage and Databases

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Course Salary Benefits

Demand for professionals who are AWS certified is increasing every year. Demand for cloud expertise worldwide is anticipated to triple by 2025, according to AlphaBeta. Below is a snapshot of potential roles and their corresponding salaries.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Course Eligibility and Pre-requisites

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Course Training Options

Online Live Training

  • 20 hours of online live training
  • Additional 55 hours of Data Science Training 
  • One-to-one mentorship for doubt resolution
  • Lifetime access to course materials and videos

Upcoming Batch

Weekday Batch: 25th September

Weekend Batch: 30th September

Corporate Training

  • Course content and duration tailored to specific needs. 
  • Industry-specific training with industry-related examples and case studies. 
  • Live interaction and instant query clarification with a trainer.
  • Project completion during the training.
  • Learn basic to advanced tools and techniques in cloud computing and architect aligned to the organization’s requirements.

Tools / Services Covered in AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Course

tools covered in aws cloud practitioner course

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Course Content

  • Introduction to cloud computing
  • Advantages of cloud computing
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Moving to the AWS Cloud

  • Fundamentals of pricing
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Billing
  • Technical support

  • AWS Global Infrastructure
  • AWS services and service category overview

  • AWS shared responsibility model
  • AWS Identity and Access Management
  • Securing a new AWS account
  • Securing accounts
  • Securing data on AWS

  • Networking basics
  • Amazon VPC
  • VPC networking
  • VPC security
  • Amazon CloudFront

  • Compute services overview
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon EC2 cost optimization
  • Container services
  • Introduction to AWS Lambda
  • Introduction to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

  • Amazon Elastic Block Store
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service
  • Amazon Elastic File System
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service, Glacier

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Industry Projects For AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Course

Rapid Document Conversion

The goal is to swiftly, effectively, and accurately convert data into the desired format chosen by the user. It is often necessary to convert Excel tables to Word documents or other formats. AWS Lambda enables you to create applications that can transform data from one format to another.

Windows Virtual Machine – Deployment

The task is to install Windows virtual machines and get zero cases of security cracks in the process. It will help you streamline the work and use resources as per your requirements. The user interface provided by this facility is easy to customize and you can use it to connect to an RDP client.

Mass Emailing using AWS Lambda

This strategy aims to distribute mass emails to both existing and prospective clients of the business. An S3 event will occur when a CSV file is submitted. The lambda function then transfers the data to the database. It will start sending mail to the address.

FAQ For AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Course

The non-technical person or technical person can apply for AWS Cloud Computing.

Yes, even without knowledge of these languages, you can master AWS Cloud Computing

Yes, you can apply for the AWS cloud practitioner’s certification

Yes, even without an IT background or degree, you can learn AWS and achieve certification, provided you complete the required training.

  • AWS Cloud Admin
  • AWS Cloud Engineer
  • AWS Account Executive

The AWS Cloud Practitioner course is a training program designed to provide individuals with a foundational understanding of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing. It prepares participants for the starting level AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Job roles.

There are typically no formal prerequisites for the AWS Cloud Practitioner course. It's intended for individuals with little to no prior technical experience.

The course delves into a variety of essential AWS subjects, such as

  • Introduction to AWS and cloud computing concepts.
  • AWS global infrastructure, regions, availability zones, and data centers.
  • An overview of AWS services, encompassing EC2, S3, RDS, and beyond.
  • AWS security and compliance fundamentals.
  • AWS pricing and billing basics.
  • AWS architectural best practices.

The duration of the course can vary depending on the training provider and the format of the course. It can range from a few days for an intensive boot camp to several weeks for a more comprehensive training program.

You can enroll in an AWS Cloud Practitioner course through training providers, including AWS Training and Certification, online learning platforms.

Yes, numerous AWS Cloud Practitioner courses are offered online in a self-paced structure, allowing learners to progress according to their own schedule.

The course fee doesn't cover the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam cost. Generally, you'll pay for the exam separately when booking it via the AWS Certification website.

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion of your course.

Yes, the AWS Cloud Practitioner course provides a foundational understanding of AWS services and concepts, which can serve as a good starting point for preparing for more advanced AWS and other cloud certifications.

  • Exl
  • IBM
  • Capgemini
  • Siemens
  • JLL
  • Vodafone
  • HP
  • Disney
  • Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Private Limited
  • Infosys
  • Accenture
  • Nissan
  • LSEG
  • Sony electronics

Weekend Training Dates:

September 30th

Weekdays Training Dates:

September 25th

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