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Course Description For Data Science Intermediate Course

An aspiring Data Scientist who already has a basic knowledge of what is Data Science and what all can learn in Data Science does not always need to start off at zero after a break. Anexas’s Data Science Intermediate course brings to you the next level of what you have already learnt and still crave for more knowledge. You will be introduced to SQL, NLP and different statistical NLP techniques in this course.

What you'll gain

Course Content

  • Naïve Bayes Classifier: Model Assumptions, Probability Estimation
  • Required data processing, M-estimates, Feature selection: Mutual information
  • Random Forest Algo + Implementation
  • Classification using Logistics, K nearest Neighbors
  • Decision Trees: ID4, C4.5, CART
  • Support Vector Machines: Linear Learning Machines and Kernel space, Making Kernels and working in feature space
  • SVM for classification and regression problems.
  • Feature Reduction/Dimensionality reduction
  • Principal components analysis (Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, Orthogonality)
  • Validation Techniques (Cross-Validations)
  • Bagging & boosting and its impact on bias and variance
  • C5.0 boosting
  • Gradient Boosting Machines and XGBoost
  • Build Dataset from large database
  • SQL queries & Protocol Building
  • Creating Feature Store using SQL
  • in-Depth PostgreSQL
  • Introduction to NLP
  • Preprocessing, NLP Tokenization, stop words, normalization, stemming and lemmatization
  • Preprocessing in NLP Bag of words, TF-IDF as features
  • Language model probabilistic models, n-gram model and channel model
  • Hands-on NLTK
  • Word2vec
  • Golve
  • POS Tagger
  • NER
  • POS with NLTK
  • Gensim
  • TF-IDF with NLTK
  • Introduction to sequential models
  • Introduction to RNN
  • Intro to LSTM
  • LSTM backprop through time
  • Hands-on Keras LSTM
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Sentence generation
  • Machine translation
  • Advanced LSTM structures
  • Keras- Machine Translation
  • Encoder decoder with attention
  • Encoder-Decoder – Auto Encoder
  • Understanding transformers
  • Attention Models Intuitions
  • Introduction to BERT
  • GPT
  • Chatbot -handson

Key Benefits of Data Science

Enhance your career with Data Science skills

Hone your problem-solving, analytical, and programming skills, and advance your professional skill set with a career in Data Science.

Join the industry of your choice

Data Science tools and techniques are applicable across various industries, allowing you to choose and excel in the sector of your preference.

Internationally available opportunities

Get international opportunities. Data Science is a globally recognized field with high demand in organizations worldwide, opening doors to international career prospects.

Become an internal consultant or adviser to your company

Achieve better job roles and higher salaries by becoming a certified Data Science professional, offering your expertise as an internal consultant or adviser in data-driven decision-making.

Deepen your business understanding

Data Science encourages you to think strategically and analytically, providing clear insights into business performance, trends, and opportunities through effective data analysis and modeling.

Get Project Management experience

The more you advance in Data Science, the more experience you gain in managing complex data projects, enhancing your professional credentials and expertise.

Learning from the Best trainer

amitabh saxena

Amitabh Saxena

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt | CEO, Anexas Europe

Amitabh Saxena, CEO of Anexas Europe has done some great work in the quality domain. He has an experience of more than 33 years. He is also the founder of Anexas and will be your trainer for the course. He has consulted Fortune 100 organizations including ADNOC, Dell, SABIC, Aramco, Ministry of Health, DP World, Alfuttaim Motors, EMC2, Bank Muscat, TATA Business services, Deloitte , TATA motors finance ltd, Steel authority of India, Indian railway , Colgate Palmolive , Novartis, Novozymes Denmark, HP, Tech Mahindra, Reliance, Bharat Petroleum, Maersk ,Cisco and the list goes on.

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Manju KS
Read More
ANEXAS is the No.1 Lean Six sigma training center.I joined this institute for Lean Six sigma Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt and I feel i have made a right decision. excellent training environment . I am happy to be part of ANEXAS always.
Sanjit Achary
Read More
The Six Sigma Green Belt training was excellent. The course material and presentation was very well designed which helped me to understand the concepts so quickly. The trainer is excellent ! The way he narrated the concepts along with real time examples is awesome. Overall, its a great and unique experience. Thank you very much Anexas !
Madhumitha Ravi
Read More
Underwent the Green Belt and Black belt training with the Anexas team - it was a great learning experience under excellent trainers. Well curated program with pratical examples that made learning easy and fun.
Samyabrata Bhattacharjee
Read More
yes it is a great journey. At first i thought it will be difficult for a student to get the concept but the way of teaching make it very easy and simple. Anexas taught us each concept from the practical point of view which gives us strong hold on all the concept.

Training options for Data Science Basic Course

Online Live Training


Corporate Training


Industry Projects For Data Science

Customer Churn Prediction
Read More
This project aims to develop a predictive model to identify customers who are likely to churn. By analyzing historical customer data and identifying patterns associated with churn, the team will create a machine learning model that can predict churn probabilities. This tool will help the company take proactive measures to retain at-risk customers and improve customer loyalty.
Sales Forecasting
Read More
The goal of this project is to enhance sales forecasting accuracy using advanced Data Science techniques. By analyzing historical sales data, market trends, and external factors, the team will build a forecasting model that provides precise sales predictions. This will enable the company to optimize inventory management, production planning, and sales strategies, ultimately boosting profitability.
Sentiment Analysis of Customer Reviews
Read More
This project focuses on analyzing customer reviews to gain insights into customer sentiment. By applying natural language processing (NLP) techniques to review data, the team will develop a sentiment analysis model that categorizes feedback as positive, negative, or neutral. The insights gained will help the company understand customer perceptions, improve products and services, and enhance customer satisfaction.


Everything you need to know about Data Science

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Our comprehensive course will provide you with a deep understanding of Data Science and cover various aspects of this field. By the end of the course, you will gain the skills to effectively prepare and analyze data, create impactful data visualizations, and develop data models. Expand your knowledge and capabilities in Data Science with us.

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  • However, if you’ve already made the payment, you can reschedule your training to another batch at no extra cost. We value your convenience and strive to accommodate your needs.

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