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Course Description

After completion of Basic and Intermediate Data Science, still, craving for more? If the need of becoming a Master of Data Science and learning each and every detail till there is nothing else left is something you feel, this course is for you. Anexas’s Advanced Data Science course will take rather on another level of expertise in Data Science. You will learn about Neural Networks using TensorFlow and Keras, CNN and different parts of it in detail in this course. You need to dive right into it to become a Data Science expert.

Course Benefits

If you work as a data scientist, your life will change dramatically. Higher income, expanded skill sets, better employment profiles, and powerful networks are just a few of the benefits of the Anexas Advanced Data Science certification. After finishing your Anexas course and becoming a certified Data Scientist, you will receive the following benefits:
  • Interactive online live training with industry experts.
  • Lifetime dashboard access to course materials.
  • Content-rich study material.
  • Free eBooks with worked out projects.
  • Project guidance
  • Real-time project completion during the training.
  • Participants will be certified by ANEXAS Europe.
  • A soft and hard copy of the certificate.
  • International recognition.
  • Learn from the best trainers.
  • Tools required for the training.
  • Open book online test for certification.
  • 100% Pass rate guaranteed.
  • Lifetime membership to Anexas Alumni group.
  • Get a chance to win cashback benefits.
  • Online Line Customer support 24*7.

100% Job Assistance

Anexas Data Science course comes with 100% job assistance. Learn Data Science with Anexas and advance your career with the most reputed Data Science job roles.

Benefits of Job assistance

  • Get Placement guidance. 
  • Prep Interview skills with real-time industry-based Q&A. 
  • Learn Personality Development. 
  • Fill in any gap years in your experience. 
  • Gain from Anexas Internship program.

Eligibility criteria

  • Complete at least basic and Intermediate level in Data Science course by Anexas. 
  • Fresher or Experienced, anyone can apply. 
  • Programmers or Non-programmers, anyone can apply.

Course Duration

45 Hrs


Study Material

Training Options

Online Live Training

  • 45 hours of course completion
  • Live interaction with instant query clarification
  • Continuous project guidance during the sessions
  • Global recognition
  • Trained Data Scientist Certificate (Advanced) from Anexas Europe
  • Access to learning videos
  • Diverse training batch
  • Flexible timings

Upcoming Batch

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Weekend Batch: 24th December

Course Content

  • Basic Mathematics - DL
  • Introduction to Perceptron & History of Neural networks
    • Activation functions
    • Sigmoid
    • Relu
    • Softmax
    • Leaky Relu
    • Tanh f. Exponential Linear Units (ELU) g. Swish"
  • Gradient Descent
  • Learning Rate and tuning
  • Optimization functions
  • Introduction to Tensorflow
  • Introduction to Keras, Theano, PyTorch - handson 
  • Backpropagation and chain rule
  • Fully connected layer
  • Cross entropy
  • Weight Initialization
  • Regularization
  • coding perceptron
  • Q&A

  • Working with Images- Introduction
  • Working with Images - Digitization, Sampling, and Quantization
  • Working with images - Filtering - OpenCV
  • Hands-on Python Demo: Working with images
  • Introduction to Convolutions
  • 2D convolutions for Images
  • Convolution - Backward - handson
  • Transposed Convolution and Fully Connected Layer as a Convolution - handson
  • Pooling: Max Pooling and Other pooling options - practical

  • CNN Architectures and LeNet Case Study
  • Case Study: AlexNet
  • Case Study: ZFNet and VGGNet
  • Case Study: GoogleNet
  • Case Study: ResNet
  • GPU vs CPU
  • Transfer Learning Principles and Practice
  • Hands-on Keras Demo: SVHN Transfer learning from MNIST dataset
  • Transfer learning Visualization (run package, occlusion experiment)
  • Hands-on demo -T-SNE
  • Hands-on CNN nets
  • Hands-On OCR, Face Recognition, Object Detection, Pose Estimation, 3D estimations

  • CNN's at Work - Semantic Segmentation
  • Semantic Segmentation process
  • U-Net Architecture for Semantic Segmentation
  • Hands-on demo - Semantic Segmentation using U-Net
  • Other variants of Convolutions
  • Inception and MobileNet models

  • CNN's at Work - Object Detection with region proposals
  • CNN's at Work - Object Detection with Yolo and SSD

  • Siamese Network as metric learning
  • How to train a Neural Network in Siamese way
  • Hands-on demo - Siamese Network

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Industry Projects


Data Science is very much favoured in almost all industries today because of its vast usage in data analytics, predictions, statistical facts and figures and trends. Due to advancements in technology, the importance of Data Science has increased and will be more in the upcoming years. As a Data Scientist, you will have uncountable opportunities in different industries and almost all companies as it is multi-disciplinary and every industry will be in need.
Data Science is your own path to having your dreams come true as Data Scientists are needed not only just in every leading industry but also in leading cities in the world. Data Science is your coupon to get into top MNC companies. The career scope as a Data Scientist is infinite and it can only be fully utilized by learning and gaining expertise in the skills with our Data Science certification.

  • Total 7 years of experience in Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Application Development.
  • Contributed to 46+ Patents for different countries (US, China, Europe)
  • Published research paper at the National Library of Medicine.
  • Currently a mentor at the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Serving as Senior Data Scientist.

  • High demand
  • Infinite career opportunities
  • Highest pay due to high exigency
  • Recruited by top companies
  • Flexibility to switch domains
  • Opportunity to pursue self-career

According to recent research, a Data Scientist earns an average of $114,000 USD in the United States and 900,000 INR in India every year. Data Science is the most fruitful career option nowadays. Some common job roles are-

  • Data Scientist
  • Python Programmer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer

You will understand what Data Science is and will learn different aspects of it. Upon completing this course, you will be able to prepare your data for analysis, perform basic visualization of data and model your data.

Yes. Once you pay the fees for the training, all the other costs, such as certification cost, examination cost, study material costs, tools and software costs, will be included and no extra charges will be levied.

Anexas offers the following payment options:

  • Card payment
  • Net Banking
  • Cash

  • If the cancellation is done by the delegate 72 hours before the start of the training, 10% will be deducted as an administration fee.
  • If the cancellation is done by the delegate after that, no refund will be made.
  • After making the payment, the delegate can postpone the training date and join another batch, without any additional charges.

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