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Trainers with more than 30 years of experience

Internationally recognized certifications with lifetime validity

35 PDUs with our CPHQ course

The best training program at a reasonable cost

Individual attention, limited batch size

100% pass rate guaranteed in exam by NAHQ

Anexas CPHQ course in Jebel Ali is the best course to elevate your career in the healthcare industry. It is the only quality certification in healthcare practices, responsible for quality healthcare and patient safety. Anexas has conducted over 1000 offline and online batches for CPHQ, training over 10,000 participants. After the Anexas CPHQ course in Jebel Ali, you can clear the NAHQ exam to get certified as a CPHQ professional. 

Anexas CPHQ course in Jebel Ali is designed to train healthcare professionals and freshers in quality healthcare practices. We focus on NAHQ exam preparation and a successful career afterward. We ensure that our participants clear the NAHQ exam on the first attempt. You can work for the most prestigious hospitals in the country of your choice after the CPHQ course in Jebel Ali

cphq course in jebel ali

Course Highlights and why CPHQ training in Bareq with Anexas?

  • Experienced training supervised case studies for a year.
  • Over 10,000 individuals have been trained.
  • Real-time interactive sessions.
  • Clarification of doubts as quickly as practical.
  • All study materials and resources are made accessible ahead of time.

  • The lecturers have a deep expertise of nearly 30 years.
  • Best CPHQ training in Jebel Ali.
  • During training, case studies are conducted out.
  • You will earn 35 PDUs by attending our CPHQ training in Jebel Ali.
  • Pay once and attend our course whenever it is convenient for you

What are the schedules, dates, upcoming Batches, timings and coaching fees of our CPHQ coaching classes in Jebel Ali?

Weekend batches are available for professionals who wish to take time away from their regular routines to attend the CPHQ coaching classes in Jebel Ali. Throughout the sessions, which are highly intriguing, all queries are quickly answered. Anexas provides affordable CPHQ coaching classes in Jebel Ali.

CPHQ Batch In Jebel Ali Upcoming Batches Timings Course Fees in Jebel Ali Enrol Now
Weekend Trainings
09:30 am - 05:00 pm UAE time
AED 1200 + VAT
Corporate Training
As per the company’s convenience.
Contact [email protected] for more information.

Do not be concerned if the above timetable is inconvenient for you. For your convenience, we may customize batches for you. Simply email us at [email protected]. Low-cost group packages for CPHQ coaching classes in Jebel Ali are also available

Online training Classroom training
1. Learn with professionals from all over the world

2. Interactive sessions with instant doubt clarification

1. Learn with professionals in a limited batch.

2. Interactive sessions with instant doubt clarification

Syllabus of our CPHQ coaching in Jebel Ali

CPHQ coaching in Jebel Ali delves deeply into the ideas and practises of quality management in healthcare organisations. If you attend our training sessions, you will pass the test the first time. The following is the session course syllabus:

1. Quality Leadership and Integration

A. Strategic Planning
  • Advise leadership on organizational improvement opportunities
  • Assist with the development of action plans or projects
  • Assist with establishing priorities
  • Participate in activities that support the quality governance infrastructure
  • Align quality and safety activities with strategic goals
B. Stakeholder Engagement
  • Identify resource needs to improve quality
  • Assess the organization’s culture of quality and safety
  • Engage stakeholders to promote quality and safety
  • Provide consultative support to the governing body and key stakeholders regarding their roles and responsibilities related to quality improvement
  • Promote engagement and inter-professional teamwork

2. Performance and Process Improvement

  • Implement quality improvement training
  • Communicate quality improvement information within the organization
  • Identify quality improvement opportunities
  • Establish teams, roles, responsibilities, and scope
  • Participate in activities to identify innovative or evidence-based practices
  • Lead and facilitate change
  • Use performance improvement methods (e.g., Lean, PDSA, Six Sigma)
  • Use quality tools and techniques (e.g., fishbone diagram, FMEA, process map)
  • Participate in monitoring of project timelines and deliverables
  • Evaluate team effectiveness
  • Evaluate the success of performance improvement projects and solutions

3. Population Health and Care Transitions

  • Identify data and resources that are important in determining the health status of
    defined populations
  • Identify population health management strategies to integrate into improvement
  • Incorporate prevention, wellness, and disease management solutions into
    improvement initiatives
  • Incorporate techniques to address health disparities and promote equity into
    improvement initiatives
  • Analyze and use clinical, cost, equity, and social determinants of health data to drive and monitor improvement efforts
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in care transitions
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to improve and optimize care processes and
  • Incorporate concepts of social determinants of health into improvement activities

4. Health Data Analytics

A. Data Management Systems
  • Assist in evaluating and developing data management systems to support quality
  • Design data collection plans:
    1. Measure development (e.g. definitions, goals, thresholds, numerators,
      and denominators)
    2. Tools and techniques
    3. Sampling methodology
  • Identify and select measures (e.g. structure, process, outcome, experience)
  • Collect and validate quantitative and qualitative data
  • Identify external data sources for comparison and benchmarking
  • Design scorecards and dashboards for different audiences
B. Measurement and Analysis
  • Use data management systems for organization, analysis, and reporting of data
  • Use data visualization and display techniques
  • Use measurement tools to evaluate process improvement
  • Use statistics to describe data and examine relationships (e.g., measures of central tendency, standard deviation, correlation, regression, t-test)
  • Use statistical process control techniques and tools (e.g., common and special cause variation, control charts, trend analysis)
  • Compare data sources to establish benchmarks
  • Interpret data to support decision-making

5. Patient Safety

  • Identify technology solutions to enhance patient safety
  • Facilitate the ongoing evaluation of safety activities
  • Apply techniques to enhance the culture of safety within the organization
  • Integrate safety concepts throughout the organization
  • Use safety principles (e.g., human factors engineering, high reliability, high-performance teams, systems thinking)
  • Participate in safety and risk management activities related to:
    1. Safety event/incident reporting
    2. Sentinel/unexpected event review
    3. Root cause analysis
    4. Proactive risk assessment

6. Quality Review and Accountability

  • Apply standards, best practices, and other information from quality-related organizations
  • Evaluate compliance with internal and external requirements for:
    1. Clinical practice guidelines, pathways, and outcomes
    2. Quality-based payment programs
    3. Documentation
    4. Practitioner performance evaluation
    5. Patient experience
    6. Identification of reportable events for accreditation and regulatory bodies
  • Maintain confidentiality of performance/quality improvement records and reports
  • Implement and evaluate quality initiatives that impact reimbursement

7. Regulatory and Accreditation

  • Evaluate appropriate accreditation, certification, and recognition options
  • Promote awareness of statutory and regulatory requirements within the organization
  • Support processes for evaluating, monitoring, and improving compliance with organizational, state, and federal requirements
  • Maintain survey or accreditation readiness

All of the subjects stated above will be covered in our CPHQ coaching in Jebel Ali (online). Our instructors will ensure that each topic is adequately covered and that each student receives personalised attention. If you attend our CPHQ coaching in Jebel Ali, you will obtain a CPHQ certificate as well as 35 PDUs (online).

For more information on our CPHQ courses, you can write to us at [email protected] or call us at +971-503618638. 

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Who is the trainer?

amitabh saxena

Our primary trainer, Mr. Amitabh Saxena, is not only a CPHQ and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, but also the founder and CEO of Anexas, with over 31 years of experience in improving healthcare quality. Many prestigious hospitals in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia have benefited from his knowledge.

Trainer profile of CPHQ classes in Jebel Ali

    1. Over 30 years of CPHQ expertise.
    2. Founded Anexas in the year 2006.
    3. Over 10,000 workers have been trained in CPHQ classes in Jebel Ali
    4. We have worked with King Fahad Medical City (KFMC), King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, Golden Zaneka Public Company Limited, the Ministry of Health, CBAHI, GE Healthcare, Wadi-Ad-Dawasir Military Hospital, Armed Forces Medical Hospital, Al Jazeerah Hospital, Aseer general Hospital, King Saud University Medical City, Central General Hospital, Bangakok, Sultan Qaboos Univercity Hospital, Sakra World Hospital, King Fahad Hospital of the University, and King Abdullaziz Hospital, to name a few.
    5. In addition to being a quality specialist, he is a poet, orator, and writer. He is also a business owner and the author of the Amazon best-seller “The Anexas Story.”
    6. Awards for CPHQ classes in Jebel Ali.

CPHQ Certification in Jebel Ali

Anexas offers the greatest CPHQ certification in Jebel Ali because you will receive a CPHQ training certificate, live interactive sessions from the world’s best teachers, and continuing help from NAHQ for your CPHQ exam. The training will be intellectual as well as practical, allowing you to obtain a thorough grasp of each topic and apply it in the business. Today is the last day to enrol in our CPHQ certification in Jebel Ali (currently online).

cphq sample certificate

Features of our CPHQ Course in Jebel Ali

  • Anexas is the only training organization that provides a free consultation.
  • Only Anexas students get access to the CEO’s customised study materials.
  • Earn 35 PDUs to enhance your professional skills.
  • Join the Anexas training centre Alumni network to broaden your professional network.
  • Our passionate educators will make you fall in love with statistics and other tools for quality management.
  • Anexas offers internships and opportunities to work on worldwide initiatives.
  • Pay once and get our training from any location at any time.

Group discussions, peer learning and Doubt clearing sessions

You will get discounts if you are joining a group of 3 or more. There are discounts for bigger groups too but the batch for bigger groups is customized according to the group’s convenience. You will learn along with professionals from diverse professional and geographical backgrounds.

Career growth after completing CPHQ course in Jebel Ali

  • CPHQ training programmes are critical for healthcare workers working in the field. CPHQ training may help you, among other things, enhance your abilities, boost your compensation, gain more corporate recognition, and widen your career prospects.
  • CPHQ training benefits both employers and students. Students that engage in this programme generally have an edge over their classmates when it comes to choosing a career in healthcare and are supplied with additional employment alternatives when they begin their careers.

Reach us for CPHQ coaching in Jebel Ali

Anexas offers CPHQ coaching in Jebel Ali online. We have students from Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Umm al-Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah,  Fujairah, Kalba, Ghayathi, Dibba, Al Madam, Dhaid, Khor Fakkan, Madinat ZayedLiwa Oasis, Hatta, etc. for the CPHQ coaching in Jebel Ali.

Address- Anexas, A 3302, Bloom Heights, JVC, Dubai


Contact Number- +971-503618638

Email- [email protected]

Location Map-

Reviews and testimonials about our CPHQ Coaching

FAQS about CPHQ course in Jebel Ali

What is CPHQ?

Those in the field of healthcare quality management who become Certified Professionals in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) have demonstrated professional and academic excellence. At all levels of employment and in all healthcare contexts, a CPHQ is skilled in healthcare quality management. The CPHQ’s mission is to encourage excellence and professionalism by recording individual performance against a predetermined standard of quality knowledge.

What are advantages of being Certified in CPHQ?

  1. Increased Professional Credibility and Excellence
  2. Knowledge and Capability to apply the knowledge
  3. Continuous improvement
  4. Marketability
  5. Best practices
  6. Subject matter expert
  7. Networking Improves your earning potential
  8. Enjoy a competitive edge during the job search
  9. Opens the doom to more opportunities for career advancement

How long does it take to prepare for the exam?

This varies each person, depending on their amount of experience in the field and their study habits. According to a recent poll of successful exam applicants, candidates spend an average of six weeks to three months studying.

CPHQ Certification Exam

The 140 questions in the CPHQ exam will take you 3 hours to complete. Only 125 of these are taken into account for calculating the final test score. Fifteen of the questions are pre-test questions that are strewn across the exam. The percentage rules for selecting the three categories of questions that appear on each examination are as follows:

  1. 32% recall
  2. 53% application
  3. 15% analysis

Who can get certified in CPHQ?

To take the exam, there are no official eligibility requirements. Candidates should have at least two years of expertise in the field of healthcare quality assurance.

How do you become CPHQ certified?

You must pass the CPHQ certification exam to become CPHQ certified. While there are no specific qualifications for taking the CPHQ exam, candidates should have at least two years of experience in the healthcare quality industry.

Is the CPHQ exam all multiple choice?

The CPHQ exam consists of 125 scored multiple-choice questions and 15 unscored multiple-choice questions.

What is the validity of CPHQ certification?

It is for two years.

How can I renew the CPHQ certification?

Candidates require 30 CE (Continuous Education) hours to renew the certification.

How many CE credits do I need to recertify?

Recertification requires 30 CE hours over a two-year period, and all CE content must be aligned with the current CPHQ content outline. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

What is a passing score?

The passing point for the exam is based on a criterion-referenced study and varies based on the difficulty of the individual form. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

How much does it cost to take the CPHQ?

  1. Member Price: $473
  2. Non-member Price: $579

How long does it take to prepare for the exam?

This varies from person to person depending on their amount of experience in the subject and their study habits. According to a recent poll of successful exam applicants, candidates spend an average of six weeks to three months studying.

Why attend CPHQ training at Anexas?

Our courses are created by highly successful trainers with more than 10 years of healthcare training expertise. Our teaching method emphasises actual applications rather than just “learning about the topics and instruments.” Courses are simple to use and engaging, resulting in more effective learning.

When can I start earning CE credits toward recertification?

Beginning January 1 of the year after your exam date, you can start earning CE credit toward your recertification. If you take the exam in June 2019, for example, you’ll start earning CE credits on January 1, 2020. CE credits acquired between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021 are eligible for recertification.

How can I promote myself after passing the exam?

You can use the designation Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality and the recognised acronym “CPHQ” with your name on letterheads, business cards, and all forms of address if you pass the CPHQ test. Individuals are the only ones who can be certified.

Additional Information

You’ll be relieved to find that no prior experience is required to become a certified CPHQ specialist. To study and comprehend the topics in the curriculum, you just need a basic understanding of statistics and a sharp eye for detail. You don’t have to worry about anything except attending the sessions because the syllabus is completely aligned with the NAHQ test syllabus.

You may become a CPHQ practitioner even if you are a recent graduate or a student studying an undergraduate degree and want to work in healthcare. If you work hard enough, you might be able to get your CPHQ certification on your first try.


CPHQ Course in Jeddah - Anexas Europe

Anexas Europe provides the CPHQ Course in Jeddah (online) to healthcare professionals for the CPHQ exam to clear in the first attempt.

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CPHQ Course in Jeddah - Anexas Europe

Anexas Europe provides the CPHQ Course in Jeddah (online) to healthcare professionals for the CPHQ exam to clear in the first attempt.

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PMP Course in Abha | 2023 Updated - Anexas Europe

PMP course in Abha prepares professionals for PMP examination and certification. It prepares you to clear the exam by PMI and become a project manager.

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  • Truly a very enriching and engaging training on Green/Black belt. There’s nothing much to ask for, as the course content IS relatable & that practical case examples were discussed and more importantly customized to the needs! I am delighted to see how engaging Anexas speakers are! My constant good wishes to their mission of having everyone learn share and inspire to be a Master in Lean Six Sigma Methodology! Congratulations Anexas! My heart IS full of gratitude ! Surely treasured here and i will do keep in touch in translating these into practical action! A never ending journey to Quality!

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