CPHQ Certification Cost

CPHQ Certification Cost

CPHQ certification is one of the most globally recognized certifications for healthcare professionals. Even though the CPHQ certification cost is slightly on the upper hand, its returns are extraordinary. There are many costs associated with the CPHQ certification. You first need professional CPHQ training. After this you will need to apply for the official CPHQ exam conducted by NAHQ. Apart from this there might be extra costs for study material. In this blog you will see the total CPHQ certification cost.

CPHQ certification cost
CPHQ Certification Cost

Why is CPHQ important?

A CPHQ course is important as it helps you maintain and uplift the standards of healthcare quality. After the CPHQ training you will be able to assess the current status of healthcare activities and operations in the hospitals and recommend possible solutions to problems using healthcare data analytics.

The knowledge obtained from the CPHQ training can be used to implement, review and interpret requirements of different healthcare international standards, identify root cause of healthcare problems as well as identify potential opportunities and key performance in measuring effectiveness of hospital healthcare systems.

A CPHQ professional helps the organization reduce mistakes in diagnosis, treatments and healthcare examination, reduce mistakes in healthcare operational procedures, develop effective healthcare plans for writing reports and audit the non-conformance, ensuring stability of the healthcare system improvement and performance and a lot more. Let’s get to the various CPHQ certification costs.

CPHQ training cost based on different locations

S no. Location CPHQ certification cost
1 India $150-$300
2 UAE AED1000-AED4000
3 KSA SAR1000-SAR4500
4 Australia $150-$300
5 Singapore $150-$300


The official CPHQ certification exam is conducted by NAHQ. The CPHQ certification cost for US citizens is $479 for NAHQ members and $579 for non- NAHQ members. The CPHQ certification cost for non-US citizens is $529 for NAHQ members and $629 for non- NAHQ members. The exam can be taken from home or you can go to assessment centres and take your CPHQ exam. The CPHQ exam is a computer based assessment test.

CPHQ course content

Here is what you will learn in the CPHQ training course.

  • Information Management
  • Introduction To Quality and statistics
  • Tools for displaying Data
  • Improvement Tools
  • Confidentiality
  • Leadership and Management,
  • Healthcare organisation as Complex System
  • Strategic Planning For Healthcare Quality
  • Change Management
  • Quality Performance Improvement (QPI) Model
  • Healthcare Failure Mode and Effect Analysis(HFMEA)
  • Accreditation and Continuous Readiness
  • Healthcare Safety
  • Introduction to Patient Safety
  • National Patient Safety Goals 2014
  • Medical Errors

Why is CPHQ certification worth the money?

A CPHQ certification is definitely worth the money, time and effort. CPHQ has a lot of benefits like interpreting the requirements of healthcare organisations, maintaining continuous improvements, better job profiles, and higher salaries. With the help of the CPHQ training you will be able to pass the CPHQ exam in the first attempt, perform healthcare data analytics, maintain continuous process improvement in the hospital, implement quick quality measures, manage risks, and reduce errors.


What is the passing score?

The average passing rate for those who take the CPHQ exam is roughly 65-75%.

Why should I become a CPHQ?

CPHQ has many benefits like being able to interpret the requirements of healthcare organisations, having the capability of maintaining continuous improvements, better job profiles, and higher salaries.

Who can take up the CPHQ certification?

The list includes, but is not restricted to a doctor, a quality director, a medical and nursing director, a quality officer or coordinator, an accreditation officer, a healthcare administrator or manager, a healthcare professional interested in managerial or quality jobs, a senior nurse, a lab technician, a physician, a risk manager, or a case manager.

How long does a CPHQ certification take?

After passing the CPHQ certification you will get the digital batch and the certificate within 2 weeks.

Which is the best institute for CPHQ training?

Anexas Europe is the best institute for your CPHQ training. Anexas trainers are extremely qualified and skilled with over 10 years of experience. Anexas has trained over 75,000 healthcare professionals.

How much does CPHQ training cost?

The CPHQ training can cost you between $150-$300.

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