Reasons Why Data Science is a Great Career Option

Person pointing to charts and graphs to illustrate why data science is a great career option

Deciding what career you want to pursue is a challenging task, especially in times of global recession. More and more, people are turning to tech and IT as prospective career choices. Why pursue a career as a data scientist? Over the last decade, we’ve seen an increased demand for data scientists. As the Internet of Things has seeped into everything, it seems that most industries are reliant on data nowadays. However, besides being a popular choice, let’s look at the main reasons why data science is a great career option.

What is Data Science?

If you are interested in learning more about data science, we will explain the basic concepts. Regardless of which branch of industry they land on, every major company relies on gathering and analyzing large volumes of data. The information gained from those analyses can help make informed business decisions.

However, due to the increased computing power of modern machines and the progress of AI algorithms, we can produce almost endless quantities of data. Unless we find an efficient way to put them to use, all those bits won’t do us much good. Fortunately, this is where data science can help. By using statistical methods and applying complex algorithms, data scientists can extract knowledge and gain valuable insights from vague, unstructured data.

Unless you are well-versed in computational sciences, that definition has probably left you perplexed. In simpler words, data science allows us to gain knowledge and understanding from complex data. We can then use this gained understanding to infer meaning, make decisions, calculate risks and discover hidden insights.

How to Start a Career in Data Science?

First of all, you will need to possess a diverse skillset if you want to become a data scientist. You will need a functional understanding of math and statistics, computer sciences, and basic business knowledge. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a programmer or an expert in any of these fields, and there are online courses where you can learn the necessary skills.

Another thing to remember is that data science isn’t only about numbers and precise analysis of complex algorithms. To become a data scientist, you must develop strong verbal and visual communication skills. You will often be called upon to explain your findings to colleagues and audiences who don’t possess your technical expertise and understanding. Therefore, the ability to explain your findings in a precise yet digestible manner will be greatly valued.

5 Reasons Why Data Science is a Great Career Option

If you need more information regarding training and available courses, make sure you contact experts. They will offer training, consulting, job assistance, and project support. In addition to that, they can help you develop a unique skill set and grow your abilities. If you are still unsure if data science is a good career choice for you, here are five reasons to help you make up your mind to learn data science.

1. A Growing Demand

Most businesses have realized that data plays a critical role in their success in competitive markets. Not only is data science currently sought after, but demand is growing at an increasing speed. There are numerous job opportunities and a lack of qualified personnel. These factors make data science the perfect field of work for individuals seeking almost-immediate employment and job security. Since most major companies are looking for skilled data scientists, the digital marketing experts from Digital Dot New York recommend analyzing the current market and shopping around before you settle down with a company. Once you gain the necessary skills, you can choose your employer, so there is no need to rush things.

2. You Can Make a Difference

Regardless of where you decide to work, you’ll be making a significant impact on your company. You can help identify weak spots in the current organizational system and suggest meaningful improvements. Data science can pinpoint the processes that need automation, which can save resources. However, besides improving things in your company, you can also use your skills to help others.

When properly applied, data science can improve any system, from fighting diseases on a global level to stopping climate change. There is no reason you have to work for large companies or tech giants since there are many alternatives to choose from. For example, by tracking and analyzing medical information, you can predict the risks of infections and give suggestions so patients can make better lifestyle choices.

3. Constantly Learn and Improve

Data science is a dynamic, constantly evolving field requiring you to learn new skills and improve. If you want to stay current with recent trends and apply cutting-edge techniques to solve emerging problems, then data science is the perfect career path for you. Of course, attending courses and learning new methods and techniques is challenging, but it is also extremely rewarding. You will be able to diversify your skill set and advance your career.

4. Data Science Pays Well

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the competitive salaries in data science. It’s hard to give an exact number for the average salaries since data science is an evolving branch that is in high demand. However, six-figure average base salaries have become common. You can add bonuses and job perks to that list since many employers will try to sweeten the deal due to the cutthroat job market. Even if money isn’t your primary motivator for pursuing data science, it’s hard to say no to a stable financial future.

5. Multiple Career Path Options

Young people starting their careers typically don’t want to be tied to the same job as previous generations. While nothing is wrong with working in data science for the foreseeable future, nothing prevents you from changing your career path. Thankfully, due to the diverse skill set and constant improvements required to work in data science, you can use that job as a springboard for your future career. If you decide to stick with data science, you can end up in a managerial or a leadership role and become a chief data officer for a major company.

The Bottom Line

Why data science is important? As you can see, there are multiple reasons why data science is a great career option. Most importantly, finding a job is easy, and the pay is good, which can be key determining factors for many.

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