CPHQ Certification – Health Data Analytics

CPHQ or Certified Professional of Healthcare Quality is a very important certification for Healthcare Professionals. It is the only accredited certification in the industry. CPHQ is necessary for the advancement in healthcare services’ quality management. It imparts professional techniques which bring out higher standardization of an organization by improving quality, performance management, knowledge improvement and data up-gradation.

CPHQ Certification - Health Data Analytics
CPHQ Certification – Health Data Analytics

Anexas is one of the best organizations which provide training programs in Certified Professional of Healthcare Quality under the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ). Anexas aims to train individuals and associations in different professional courses.  Various modules are critical to cover the significant parts of the training. One of which is CPHQ Certification- Health Data Analytics which is one of the prominent outcomes of the training. It has techniques in information management and stands to be one of the important techniques to learn in CPHQ. Below is a detailed explanation of CPHQ Certification- Health Data Analytics– Information Management

Information Management of Health Data Analytics in CPHQ certification

Information Management of Health Data Analytics in CPHQ certification
Information Management of Health Data Analytics in CPHQ certification

1. What is Information Management?

Information Management is a deep-complex process that can be simply referred to as the collection of data and information from one or more sources and distribution of the same with individuals or teams as per requirement. The information can be confidential and can be related to stakeholders of the organization or can be laymen and easily available for anyone to access. The information is in the custody of a particular few members of the organization, those few individuals are solely responsible for the safe storage or even the disposal of the information.

2. Need for Information Management in Healthcare Organizations-

Information Management plays a very important role in the success of an organization. It is one of the vital elements of strategic planning of processes, responsibilities and management of individuals as well as their duties. In Healthcare organizations, Information Management is necessary as the people approaching healthcare organizations and insecure about their problems and will be disturbed if the information provided to the organization is not reliable to be kept safe. The information is supposed to be preserved with privacy and security. The extent of healthcare data incorporates individual data and private healthcare information, yet is additionally related to payment forms and transactions. Clinical notes, drug stores, and released patient records are likewise covered in healthcare data.


As you can see now how much importance Information Management in Health Data Analytics holds. The training in CPHQ certification in  Anexas will provide in-depth knowledge of why Information Management is of extreme importance and how to manage it optimizing the aspects of safety and uses. CPHQ is of utmost necessity as a Healthcare Professional and it would be helpful in the development of the individual as well as the team with which the professional is working. The training program will bring a change in the individual’s workplace and also will also raise the quality higher in the conduction of duties.

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