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Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification – Self Paced Learning

lean six sigma master black belt certification
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Course Description

Are you ready to become an expert of Lean Six Sigma? According to statistics, Lean Six Sigma Black belt professionals earn on average $99000 a year. It is one of the most important certifications in the professional world.So what will you learn in this course? On becoming a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, you will get an in-depth understanding on various concepts of change management, innovation, leadership, process automation, and advanced statistics. You will learn how to use various industry level tools and concepts to detect variation in a process. And this is not all! Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts acquire leadership skills and are often given managerial or leadership roles after becoming a certified professional. Many Master Black Belts also become Lean Six Sigma mentors and become self employed. Becoming a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt not only gives a great advantage to your organization but also provides international career opportunities to you. More than 2,000 Master Black Belts have been trained and certified by Anexas worldwide, therefore you know that you are learning from the best! It’s time to raise the bars and expand your boundaries. So what are you waiting for? Join us in our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and become an expert in 3 weeks. Hurry up! Limited seats available

Course Benefits

After becoming a certified Lean Six Sigma professional, your life will change completely. You can become self-employed, or get Better salaries, advanced skill sets, better job profiles, and influential networks. These are just a few of the benefits of Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification. Given below is the list of benefits of Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification that you will receive after doing your training with Anexas :
  • Interactive online live training with Amitabh Saxena a well known name in Lean Six Sigma world.
  • Lifetime access to online training videos to support the learning.
  • All study material required for the training.
  • Free eBooks with worked out projects.
  • Support to become a trainer
  • Project guidance.
  • Real time project completion during the training.
  • 50 worked out projects from various industries.
  • Participants will be certified by ANEXAS Europe
  • Soft and hard copy of certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate.
  • Free Lean Six Sigma Project completion certificate.
  • International recognition.
  • Lifetime validity of Lean Six Sigma certificates.
  • Learn from Master Black belt trainers with 30+ years of experience .
  • Tools required for the training.
  • Minitab software
  • Open book online test for certification.
  • 100% Pass rate guaranteed.
  • Two free follow up online sessions 1 hour each with expert coaches.
  • Lifetime membership to Anexas Alumni group.
  • Life Time Tuition waiver for repeating the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt training. anywhere in the world by just paying the administrative charges.
  • Get a chance to win cash back benefits.
  • One on one revision session before the certification exam.
  • Get 60 PDUs for Lean Six Sigma training which can be used to retain your PMP certificates.
  • Online Line Customer support 24*7.
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Course Duration

30 hrs


Study Material

Training Options

Self Learning

  • Recorded Sessions of complete Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt- By Amitabh Saxena.
  • Project guidance with Amitabh Saxena.
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification by Anexas Europe.
  • Lifetime access to learning videos.
  • Training material provided.
  • One FREE online session

Corporate Training

  • Customized duration for the course depending on the organization.
  • Live interaction with instant query clarification with Amitabh Saxena.
  • Company Specific training with company related examples and case studies for better understanding.
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certificate by Anexas Europe.
  • Project completion to enhance Leadership and major
  • Lean Six Sigma skills and techniques.
  • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Project completion certificate by Anexas Europe.
  • Lifetime access to learning videos.

Course Content

  • Review of key Black Belt topics
  • Roadmap of Six Sigma implementation in an organization
  • Selecting the right projects
  • Six Sigma key elements - Six Sigma elements where Black Belts and Green Belts commonly need help.
  • Advanced concepts in Sampling, MSA, RTY calculations.
  • Teachings of Quality Gurus

  • Change Management Essentials
  • How to manage multiple projects
  • Creating and managing project dashboards

  • Learning Styles
  • Identifying yours and participants learning styles and its impact
  • Key elements in Facilitation
  • Practice sessions on facilitating discussions

  • When to change alpha and beta risk values,
  • Regressions - Multiple Regression— Stepwise, Best Subsets, Multicollinearity, Multiple regression with attribute Xs
  • DOE - Response Surface Methodology, Fractional Factorial, Placket Burman
  • Dealing with Non Normal Data and transformations - Non Parametric Tests.

  • Introduction to DFSS
  • Quality Function Deployment
  • TRIZ and innovation techniques

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Kanban, Heijunka
  • Takt time, JIT, Pull, Line Balancing
  • Integrating Lean with Six Sigma
  • Integrating Lean Six Sigma with other approaches.

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Industry Projects

Reduce procurement time

Large oil manufacturing company faces difficulty to meet the commitment due to delayed procurements of critical items. Help the organization by doing a lean six sigma project using more than 100 tools learnt in the training session.

Reduce patient discharge time

Initial data of patient satisfaction score shows that patients are highly concerned about delayed patient discharge time. This also reduces the admission rate of new patients as beds are not available in the morning. Helped this hospital by doing lean six sigma project by using more than 100 tools learnt in the training session

Reduction of errors and reworks in bank

High Error rates lead to lot of rework in Anexas bank which also increases the operational costs helped the bank by doing a lean six sigma project following a DMAIC methodology using the given data in the excel file.


A Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt course is an extensively designed training program for professionals who aim to gain the highest expertise in Lean Six Sigma or to be self-employed.You will gain experience in leadership roles and make a difference in your workplace. The focus of this course is to provide professionals the highest expertise in Lean Six Sigma. You will also learn many tools that are extremely important to efficiently run a process.

Yes. Once you pay the fees for the training, all the other costs such as certification cost, examination cost, study material costs, tools and software cost, and project training cost will be included and no extra charges will be levied.

Anexas offers the following payment options:

  • Card payment
  • Net Banking
  • Cash

  • If the cancellation is done by the delegate before 72 hours of the start of the training, 10% will be deducted as administration fee.
  • If the cancellation is done by the delegate after that, no refund will be made.
  • After making the payment, the delegate can postpone the training date and join another batch, without any additional charges.

You can become a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt only after learning the Black Belt concepts. With Anexas you can take the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and immediately after that go for your Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt training.

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Green Belt Project Guidance

Black Belt Project Guidance

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