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Who We Are

Anexas can provide you with complete solutions to your business IT setbacks. What distinguishes Anexas from others is the wisdom, expertise, and experience of our staff in developing sophisticated personnel management systems. We are different from other consulting firms. It’s simple to cooperate with us. We at Anexas, stand for outcomes that others claim are impossible since we understand both business and IT.

Preventative Solutions

Preventative planning also includes proactive measures to avert potential problems. So that you won’t lose any important company data in the event of a breakdown and can resume operations practically immediately.

The types of Preventative solutions that we provide are-

Disaster Recovery Planning

Cloud Backup

Network Security

Server Vizualization

High Availability

Network Solutions

Most firms’ activities depend heavily on the installation, configuration, and administration of a corporate network. A significant percentage of the work performed by Anexas involves managing and maintaining networks. All authorised workstations inside the corporation have access to corporate data thanks to a well-designed network. To maintain the network’s functionality and to increase its uptime and efficiency, it is continuously monitored remotely. Your IT systems are protected from hackers, malware, and spyware thanks to network security procedures.

The types of Network Solutions that we provide are-

Managed Network

Network Backup

Network Security

Network Design and Planning

Managed Workstation

Infrastructure Management

The hardware and software architectures are extremely well-known to Anexas IT Solutions team. We oversee all required upgrades, security features, and software patches for the workstations used by your business.

The different Infrastructure Management that we provide are-

Hardware Configuration

Server Configuration

Managed Server

Server Vizualization

Additional Solutions

Anexas provide a range of extra technological services, such as email marketing and social media management, in addition to supporting hardware and software. Based on the amount of consumers we will be able to contact, email is a very cost-effective marketing strategy. You can construct big email databases, interesting email content, design templates, send out bulk emails, assess campaign performance, and make modifications for future campaigns with the assistance of an IT support business that offers email marketing services.

The different Additional Solutions that we provide are-

Hosted Emails

Server Configuration

Microsoft Office 365

Google G Suite

General IT consulting

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