25 Benefits of PMP Certification in 2022

Benefits of PMP Certification in 2022

What is Project Management Professional Certification

Project Management Professional Certification is an industry-recognized certificate which holds high value all over the world. This course offers training in project management skills. It transmits the individual to excel in the project management and leadership skills. There are numerous Benefits of PMP certification. Here I present the 25 benefits of PMP certification in 2022. But before that let us have a look at some basic information about the PMP certification.

PMI is an internationally recognized certificate, hence there are plenty of opportunities that you can get based on your interests. Here are the 25 benefits of PMP certificate in 2022.

25 Benefits of PMP certification in 2022

25 benefits of PMP certification in 2022
25 benefits of PMP certification
  • Strengthen your knowledge: PMP course is one of the world’s leading certificates on the Project management experience. It builds the knowledge of project management processes, tools & techniques and methodologies. It enhances your knowledge and empowers you to apply them when you lead a project
  • Get recognized as a skilled professional: PMP certification is globally renowned as a sign of excellence in the industry. PMP certification trains you in critical thinking, problem solving skills, project risk management, resource management, leadership, team management skills and a lot more, eventually uplifting your skill set. Since this training is recognized globally, the skills that you learn in this course can be applied to a wide range of industries and projects. It expands your horizon of knowledge and enhances your skillset. Protip: PMP certification course in a widely recognized certificate. It strengthens your knowledge in project management and builds your skills through interactive sessions during the training.
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  • Enhance your value in the organization: I have seen many professionals proudly displaying their PMP credentials in their email signatures and mentioning them in their introduction. The training and understanding that you obtain in this course molds you into a professional that no company would want to let go. Exposure that you get in the PMP training helps you understand better and contribute to the organization in the best way.
  • Earn better Salary: PMP certification courses assure you of a better salary package. A survey across companies shows that PMP certified professionals earn a 20% hike in their salary than the others comparatively. 
  • Master the Business Language: Terms like Earned Value Analysis and network diagram are commonly used in the organizations. You don’t feel left out when you not only know these terms but can even use them. The PMP Certification course trains you in business phrases that are associated with your field of interest. When you are working in a team, you are expected to communicate with different departments to get the work done. This knowledge certainly helps. Protip: If you are a PMP certified professional you will be offered a better salary package as well as be considered as the key player in the organization. You will also be familiar with the business language to communicate better.
  • Develop leadership and decision making skills: PMP certification course trains you on leadership and decision making skills which are the two major skills of Project Management. It is very important to take the right decisions at the right time without compromising on your team and the project. PMP makes sure that you are trained enough to handle such situations in a smart way
  • Learn team skills: In a project, you are expected to work in a team and bring the best outcomes. But if you lack team skills, it gets ugly. Sounds harsh! But it’s true. The PMP course deals with the problem that a team often faces, and helps you to come up with a solution that brings a synergy in the team. The people skill module in PMP training teaches you how to make an effective team charter, frame ground rules and keep the team on the path to fulfill the project objectives. Business Language could assist you to manipulate your project and ensure that your team is at your pace
  • Enhance problem solving skills: When you work in a team, you encounter many problems such as differences of opinion, work allotment etc. Similarly you will encounter many issues in your project. PMP gives you confidence to address them, in  addition to exhibiting your problem solving skills
  • Learn to manage conflicts: Conflicts are good because they usually help to achieve project objectives, But they should be resolved. PMP certification trains you to manage conflicts. When there is a serious disagreement, PMP allows you to resolve the disputes with minimum negative and maximum positive results. Protip: PMP certification course trains in you important project management skills such as Leadership skills, Problem solving skills, Conflict management skills, Teamwork skills etc.
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence: As a project manager you should be aware of your own emotions as well as the others’. Just being aware is not enough. You should be able to manage these emotions to the best advantage to achieve project objectives. Project management training teaches you that 
  • Increase career opportunities: As mentioned earlier, PMP is an internationally recognized certificate. Thus, a PMP certification gives you a wide range of opportunities all over the world. You can choose your industry and keep progressing with your credentials. A PMP against your name  gives you an edge.
  • Increase your market value: If you are a PMP certified Professional, you are very much in demand because of your credentials. While hiring you, your boss knows that you will benefit the organization. 
  • Achieve industry portability: The training that you receive in a PMP course is irrespective of the industry. The tools and techniques cut across the domains. You can work in projects in different industries as the knowledge and experience that you gain in one industry is portable. Protip: Adding PMP certificate to your resume will enhance your career opportunities, increase your market value and you can work in any industry
  • Stay updated: During your course of PMP training you will be interacting with various professionals. This will give you an insight on the current trends of the market  and always keep you updated.
  • Grow your Professional Network: During your PMP training you get a chance to meet different people and communicate with them. This helps you widen your network and provides you with  an opportunity to learn more.
  • Acquire agile mindset: Being flexible to customer’s demand is the key to future success. 2021 onwards the PMI syllabus stresses a lot on developing an agile mindset, so you execute your project based on changing customer’s demand quickly.
  • Acquire servant leadership skills: Leaders of today’s world need to serve their teams rather than direct them. Agile mindset requires that you remove the impediments and roadblocks  in the way of your team members so that they can deliver projects successfully. PMP training teaches you all about servant leadership
  • Be an effective risk manager: Many problems can be solved by identifying the risks early on. Every manager requires to identify and manage the risks as they occur. The techniques learnt in the PMP training will help you to plan for your risks effectively. Protip: Project management trains your servant leadership skills, risk management and develop your agile mindset
  • Learn to use Quality tools: Not only do you learn the teachings of quality gurus but also many quality tools and techniques to solve your quality problems. In the training you get to practice on some of the problem solving statistical tools. 
  • Manage cost effectively: The cost management module of project management training teaches you how to estimate cost, make the budget and manage as well as control the cost. This is the skill needed by all organizations.
  • Be an efficient time manager: Time management module of project management training teaches you how to break down the work into manageable components and then arrange the activities sequentially. You learn how to manage time effectively to complete your project on time. Protip: During your PMP course you are trained to manage the cost, methods to use quality tools and time management.
  • Develop procurement skills: The training also helps you understand the whole procurement process – to identify the vendors, selecting them, awarding the contracts and manage these contracts. 
  • Sustain your knowledge by maintaining PDUs: After you are done with the exam, you need to maintain your PDUs. This is a great advantage as you earn the PDUs by mentoring people, presenting your work, sharing the knowledge in various forums and volunteering for many professional bodies. Sharing is learning, as they say. This enhances your credibility amongst professions.
  • Be part of interactive training sessions: To get your PMP certification, you must earn a minimum of 35 contact hours i.e. interactive sessions such as formal education. This includes online training, classroom training and other programs. This session helps you interact with different people, and through these training sessions you are exposed to a lot of knowledge and different perspectives of professions. 
  • Learn to learn from the past: PMI emphasizes on creating  repositories of ‘lessons learnt’ and conducting retrospectives so that you can learn from the past. This is a skill useful in every profession and any organization. Protip: PMP training course develops your procurement skill. Also, your interaction with professionals will allow you to gain knowledge and help you to learn from the past 

What is the worth of Project Management Professional Certification

In this competitive world, companies expect their employees to know every end of the process in their domain. They require professionals who can deliver effective results with the minimum resources and time. If you are PMP certified, you will have a chance to grab the opportunity with a good pay and high salary as these skills are very much in demand.

The PMP certification course is helpful for professionals. The PMP training teaches everything from the initial step of project development to the last stage that is effective output of the project. Along with the project management skills, it emphasises on the leadership skills to lead the project. PMP is an internationally recognised certification. Hence, you can apply for jobs all over the globe.

What are the criteria for Project Management Professional Certification?

Acquiring a PMP certificate isn’t a difficult task, if you are eligible and ready to spend your resources for this particular course, you would be a PMP professional in no time.

The prerequisites for getting the PMP Certificate are

  • A secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
  • 7,500 hours leading and directing projects or actively participating in project activities
  • 35 hours of project management education


  • Four-year degree
  • 4,500 hours leading and directing projects or actively participating in project activities
  • 35 hours of project management education

What are PDUs

Professional development units are required to maintain the level of PMP certificate. It is a measuring unit used by the Project Management Institutions to monitor your level of professional and learning activity. For example, 35 PDUs which is equivalent to 35 hours of project management training in the classroom are needed to qualify for the exam. After getting certified, it is important to maintain your PDUs to retain the certificate. If maintained properly it increases your credibility.

In how many sectors and companies has Anexas provided Project Management Professionals (PMP) training?

Anexas, which is an accredited training partner of PMI, has completed project management training for over 100 companies including many oil and gas majors, construction companies, hospitals and IT companies. As part of Anexas project management sessions delivery, some of the companies I have been associated with are ADNOC, L & T, Technip France, GE, Al Futtaim, Steel Authority of India, Al Fanar, Railways, Goody, etc. Around 10,000 professionals have been successfully trained by Anexas in the last one and a half decade.

Why should Organizations train their employees as PMP

PMP Certification benefits the organization in plenty of ways. PMP certified professionals are equipped with the knowledge and experience in project management. In general, surveys indicate that PMP certified employees give better output than those not certified as a PMP. As they are exposed to lead the projects and the teams, they provide an effective outcome with minimal errors and maximum productivity for the organization

As an individual, you will have global opportunities as it is an internationally recognised certification course. A PMP certificate gives you an edge over other job applicants. It trains you to deal with different clients and customers and also teaches you to work in a team and create synergy within the team.  This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are many more advantages of the PMP certificate.

Likewise, if every company gives PMP training to their employees, it enables them to work in an effective way.

Now let’s see why you must do Project Management Professional certification (PMP) in 2022

Is Project Management Professionals certification (PMP) worth the hype?

Project Management professional certification is undoubtedly worth the hype! Though the process to acquire the certificate requires effort and determination, the certificate is beneficial in indefinite ways. A PMI certified professional earns a better salary and adds immense value to his or her organization

How has the PMP syllabus changed in 2021?

PMP exam in 2022

The PMP has changed the exam pattern and the syllabus effective from January 2, 2021. Previously PMP certifications were focused on the 5 domains – Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling whereas now it focuses on three domains namely People, Process and Business Environment. 

This year’s PMP exam syllabus emphasizes more on the agile and Hybrid methodologies. The candidates are allowed to take an online examination. The candidates can follow the PMP study material approved by PMI provided by authorised training partners such as Anexas. In addition to that PMBOK guide can also be studied.

The exam comprises of 

  • 180 questions compared to last year’s i.e 200 questions.
  • 230 minutes – exam duration
  • An additional 10 minute break with an existing 10 minute break (two 10 minute breaks)
  • Exam includes multiple choice questions, multiple response matching, fill in the blanks and hotspot type of questions.

What Job role can you expect after getting PMP certification?

If you are a PMP certified professional you can apply for different job profiles in different industries. The most common are jobs are: 

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Coordinator
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Assistant Project Manager

Apart from this, PMP can be an additional qualification for any kind of role in an organization.

Is PMP certification from PMI necessary?

PMP certification is accredited by the Professional Management Institute. In general, PMP is considered as one of the essential training for the people to pursue a career in the Project management field. If you are well versed in the skills you can work effectively in your organization. A PMP certificate will be advantageous  when you search for a new job in a new domain. 

Sometimes PMP training is also enough if you don’t want to go for a certification exam as a PMP training certificate from an accredited training partner like Anexas also provides you credentials of acquiring project management knowledge.

Advantage of PMP training from Anexas

why should you do PMP training with Anexas in 2022?
Advantage of doing PMP with Anexas

Anexas provides PMP training and its courses are very popular. Anexas is accredited with PMI (Project Management Professional) and has been in the industry for over 15 years now. All the trainers in Anexas are certified PMP trainers. I have over 30 years of experience in the industry managing projects and I am also one of the PMI accredited trainers. With the help of our in-house trainers you will be well trained in the PMP skills that are offered by the PMI. Our ‘learning with fun’ style of training will help you fall in love with project management tools and techniques. I promise that in a very short time you will be ready to face the PMP exam challenge.  

Advantage of training in Anexas.

  • Highly Experienced, PMP Certified trainers
  • Get 35 PDUs directly from PMI which does not get into audit while filling the form.
  • Direct access to PMI dashboard for course material 
  • Interactive Live online training
  • Soft copy of PMP training certificate
  • Guidance to fill PMI forms to register for exam.
  • Sample PMP exam question paper to test your knowledge.
  • 200 mock questions directly received from PMI with new exam pattern
  • 2 additional mock exams
  • 1000 practice questions
  • Sample case studies
  • Templates for projects
  • One project during the course time
  • Minitab Software ( Demo version)

FAQ on PMP certification benefits

What is the PMP Certification?

PMP certification is an accredited course offered by the Project Management Institution (PMI). This certificate trains candidates in skills related to project management. 

Career benefits after doing PMP Certification?

PMP certification is an internationally recognised certificate. Hence, you will have many career opportunities globally. The skills that are taught here are applicable in all industries. You will have an advantage to get career opportunities from different industries with the 20% salary hike than others.

What skills will I learn after PMP Certification Online?

After PMP training, you are expertised in all skills related to Project management such as quality management, risk management, resource management, problem solving, decision making etc.

What is the average salary for PMI-PMP Certified professionals?

PMI-PMP Certified professionals are said to be earning a handsome salary than the others. A survey conducted across companies show that they receive a 20% hike in their salary. 

Who provides the PMP certification placeholder?

The PMP certification is accredited by the Project Management Professional (PMI). PMI is one of the world’s leading institutions offering professional courses in Project Management. They provide knowledge and training that are critical for project management.

How many years of PMP certification is valid?

Once you have written the exam, you must earn 60 PDUs within 3 years of cycle time. These PDUs are required to renew your certificate. The PDUs that you earn adds credibility to your resume and also to maintain your level in the organization.


To summarize, the PMP certification course is one difficult exam to crack and also expensive. But it has its own advantages that can take over the latter. PMP training is considered as an essential factor for recruitment as the training shows that you are equipped with the project management and leadership skills. 

Though a bit expensive, it gives credibility to your profile. You benefit your organization as well as yourself with a better remuneration. If great things were easy to obtain, then it would not have high value. Getting a PMP certificate may require time, effort, and a little money, but it is worth all of this. So what are you waiting for! Go get your PMP certification now.

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