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10 reasons to do the CPHQ certification

10 reasons to do the CPHQ certification

Maintaining high healthcare quality standards is a situation in high demand. A CPHQ certification helps you solve this problem. It is one of the popular certification courses for professionals in the healthcare sector. There are more than 10 reasons to do the CPHQ certification course. By the end of this article you will be convinced that the CPHQ course is for you. Let us see the 10 reasons to do the CPHQ certification.

10 reasons to do the CPHQ certification
10 reasons to do the CPHQ certification

Advantages of CPHQ certification

There are more than 10 reasons to do the CPHQ certification. But here we shall see the top 10 reasons. Apart from better salaries and higher job profiles, there is a lot that CPHQ has to offer. A certified professional of healthcare quality can help raise the healthcare quality standards and can prove to be an asset to the hospital or the healthcare organization

Given below is the list of 10 reasons to do the CPHQ certification

These are the 10 reasons to do the CPHQ certification
10 reasons to do the CPHQ certification
  • Maintaining the standard of Quality
  • Risk Management
  • Performance Improvement
  • Improvement in patient safety
  • Boost your credibility
  • Increase in salary
  • Advancement in career
  • Improve the practice of healthcare quality
  • International recognition
  • Enhanced skill set

Let’s see these benefits in details

10 reasons to do the CPHQ certification

A CPHQ course is one of the top most courses for anyone in the healthcare industry. It prepares you for the CPHQ exam, an exam that gives you high recognition in your field, an expanded skill set, and a bigger and better salary package. Here is why you should definitely do your CPHQ certification.

  1. Maintaining the standard of Quality – CPHQ certification provides training and hands on experience on real time situations that help a professional learn concepts and tools to maintain the standard of quality. With the help of CPHQ certification you can help promote the standards of healthcare quality.  
  2. Risk Management– In healthcare risks exist more than ever. These risks can be the difference between life and death and hence managing the risks becomes extremely important. CPHQ training and certification helps you understand the systems and processes that are used to understand,monitor, mitigate, and prevent risks.
  3. Performance Improvement– Healthcare is a sector that requires continuous improvement. One must be up to date with new technologies, different methodologies, and innovation to continuously improve the quality of healthcare. CPHQ enables a professional to do this.
  4. Improvement in patient safety– A CPHQ training and certification signifies that you have demonstrated high levels of proficiency in standard patient safety. Certain benchmarks are set in the healthcare field with respect to patient safety and the CPHQ training helps you maintain those standards.
  5. Boost your credibility– CPHQ training provides you with knowledge on culture, leadership, patient safety, performance improvement, systems thinking and design and all these skills boost your skills, giving you an added advantage in your organisation or hospital.
  6. Increase in salary– The healthcare sector requires professionals who are skilled enough to provide quality services to its customers. Hospitals and organisations invest in these kinds of professionals and hence you will get a good salary hike or better job roles after becoming a certified CPHQ.
  7. Advancement in career– Career advancement is one of the 10 reasons to do the CPHQ certification. Higher and more responsible job roles will be given to you after doing this certification since CPHQ will define your credibility.
  8. Improve the practice of healthcare quality– A CPHQ certification helps you implement, review and understand the requirements of different healthcare international standards, identify the root causes of healthcare problems and find out potential opportunities. This is one of the most important reasons to take the CPHQ certification.
  9. International recognition– CPHQ is widely recognized all over the world and is used by big hospitals and other healthcare institutions to improve the standard of healthcare. Not only will you grow your boundaries of knowledge but will also get international opportunities after completing the course.
  10. Enhanced skill set– It is rightly said that learning starts the minute you are born and stops only after you die. To keep up with life you need to grow your knowledge set and every step. CPHQ course assists you with this and makes sure your learning never stops.

Here are the 10 reasons to do the CPHQ certification. By now you should be convinced that a CPHQ training and certification is a necessity for anyone in the healthcare industry be it a nurse, a lab technician, a physician, a risk manager, or even a case manager.

Features of CPHQ certification

Read the list below to understand everything about CPHQ. Here is a list of features of the CPHQ certification.

  • The main objective of the CPHQ examination is to maintain professional standards of healthcare quality and promote continuous improvement.
  • To become a certified CPHQ one must give the CPHQ examination that is conducted by NAHQ. The exam is conducted online or through test centres and is a computer based exam.
  • CPHQ certificate needs to be recertified every 2 years and 30CE hours should be maintained over this 2 year time period.
  • There is no pre-requisite of the CPHQ training and certification.
  • The certification consists of 140 questions out of which 125 are used to compute the score.
  • 15 questions are pretest questions which are not included in calculating the score. However you will not be able to determine which questions are pretest and which are considered to calculate the score.
  • The exam is for 3 hours.
  • Based on a survey it takes a professional 6 weeks to 3 months to prepare for the CPHQ exam.


Is the CPHQ exam worth it?

Yes, the CPHQ exam is worth it. It provides you international recognition, improves patient safety, promotes continuous improvement and gives you a better remuneration. It also provides a great return on your time, effort and money.

What are the reasons to do the CPHQ exam?

Some reasons to do the CPHQ exam are maintaining the standard of healthcare quality, risk management, improvement in patient safety, increase in salary, advancement in career, and enhanced skill set.

Where can I take the CPHQ exam?

A CPHQ exam can be taken from home or test centers and it is a computer based exam. You can book your CPHQ exam from NAHQ website and you can take the training for your CPHQ exam from Anexas Europe

What are the requirements for the CPHQ exam?

CPHQ exam has no set prerequisites. The exam consists of 140 questions out of which 125 questions are scored and 15 are pretest questions which are not scored. The exam is for 3 hours.

Which institute provides CPHQ training?

Anexas Europe is one of the very few good institutes that provides the CPHQ training. More than 2500 CPHQ professionals have obtained the certification through Anexas training. Anexas has trained over 100,000 professionals in the healthcare field and provides many benefits and free workshops as well.

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