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Lean Six Sigma in HR

Lean Six Sigma in HR

Introduction :

Six Sigma is a powerful, proven method of improving business efficiency and effectiveness. It is a management philosophy that emphasizes setting extremely high objectives, collecting data, and analyzing results to a fine degree as a way to reduce defects in products and services. Lean and Six Sigma solutions from Anexas have helped many various organizations improve their HR KRAs. Typical application of Lean and Six Sigma has resulted in reduced cycle times for hiring processes, steepening employee learning curve and reducing turnover rates, policy deployment, helped standardize and optimize safety and compliance issues etc. HR professionals can help the project teams work together more effectively. Potential Six Sigma contributions in this area include:

  • Ensuring team leaders and members get training in teamwork, conflict management, communications, dealing with difficult team members, and other team effectiveness skills.
  • Providing teams with tools that allow them to diagnose their own performance and identify when and where they need help.

Six Sigma can help HR Professionals find the right people for roles and ensure they remain in those positions in rotation. Potential Six Sigma contributions in this area include:

  • Building a competency model that will help HR Professionals with the right mix of technical, and leadership skills and abilities.
  • Creating job descriptions and specifications that help candidates fully understand the position and expectations prior to joining.
  • Developing a retention strategy that will help ensure personals complete their rotation and the organization recoups its investment in training and development.

Some of our Clients from Human Resources Department :

  • Manhattan Associates
  • Technip
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